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US-4927649-A: Method of making a hemicellulose coated dietary fiber patent, US-5308349-A: Method for performing knee surgery and retractors for use therein patent, US-5432581-A: Rack and a tank for a photographic processing apparatus patent, US-6105482-A: Self-adjusting clamping device patent, US-6697660-B1: Method for functional brain imaging from magnetoencephalographic data by estimation of source signal-to-noise ratio patent, US-5688022-A: Modular panel assembly patent, US-6571211-B1: Voice file header data in portable digital audio recorder patent, US-6704694-B1: Ray based interaction system patent, US-5883390-A: Method and apparatus for positioning a member in a desired attitude relative to the surface of an object patent, US-6706105-B2: Aqueous ink, ink-jet recording method, recording unit, ink cartridge, ink set, and ink-jet recording apparatus patent, US-6268789-B1: Information security method and apparatus patent, US-5224280-A: Support structure for footwear and footwear incorporating same patent, US-5282813-A: Surgical apparatus for removal of deposits from vessels patent, US-5918557-A: Extension for reducing seed bounce patent, US-6090011-A: Driving force control system for a vehicle patent, US-5664944-A: Low pressure drop vanes for burners and NOX ports patent, US-6029462-A: Desiccant air conditioning for a motorized vehicle patent, US-6268206-B1: Bioremediation, detoxication and plant-growth enhancing compositions and methods of making and using such compositions patent, US-6153835-A: System and method for an electronic postage scale with variable function keys and window screens patent, US-6682521-B2: Temperature activated systems patent, US-5559660-A: Inrush current limiter patent, US-5084008-A: Iontophoresis electrode patent, US-5596709-A: Method and apparatus for recovering parity protected data patent, US-5683395-A: System for performing hip prothesis revision surgery patent, US-5114272-A: Detachable boom and method for its use patent, US-5769319-A: Injection rate shaping nozzle assembly for a fuel injector patent, US-6189304-B1: Power mower with riding platform for supporting standing operator patent, US-5821871-A: Authentication method patent, US-5361385-A: Parallel computing system for volumetric modeling, data processing and visualization patent, US-5422323-A: Nonhazardous pumpable refractory insulating composition patent, US-4890231-A: Method of disabling a resume switch in an electronic speed control system for vehicles patent, US-5984118-A: Pinch-actuated product distribution system patent, US-6049515-A: Optical disk device and replacement processing method patent, US-5306262-A: Coronary catheter patent, US-6606906-B2: Digital conversion adapter for magnetically coupled level meters patent, US-5438997-A: Intravascular imaging apparatus and methods for use and manufacture patent, US-6658490-B1: Method and system for multi-threaded processing patent, US-5662920-A: Nicotine lozenge and therapeutic method for smoking cessation patent, US-5392498-A: Non-abrasive skin friendly mechanical fastening system patent, US-6112343-A: Infant bathtub with hook patent, US-5351803-A: Apparatus and method for retrieving articles patent, US-5910138-A: Flexible medical container with selectively enlargeable compartments and method for making same patent, US-6296366-B1: Lighted decorative article having meridian-configured loops and method for visually signaling location of gift packages patent, US-6535496-B1: Receiver method and apparatus with complex pilot filter patent, US-6335820-B1: Multi-stage optical amplifier and broadband communication system patent, US-3525331-A: Flexible light transmitting instrument and flexible tube for said instrument patent, US-3536059-A: Chemical heat source for divers patent, US-353720-A: walker patent, US-3544734-A: Negative impedance boosted transmission system patent, US-3546402-A: Sliding contacts for push button switches patent, US-354918-A: Door and window casing patent, US-3552071-A: Process for polishing crystalline silicon patent, US-3553007-A: Method of treating brake disks patent, US-3554979-A: Polyetherurethanes containing n-t-butyl tertiary amine groups in the chain patent, US-3555380-A: Linear rolling motor patent, US-3560988-A: High speed precision placement of liquid drops patent, US-3563788-A: Wood structures and their manufacture patent, US-3565512-A: Microscope nosepiece assembly having adjustable optical components patent, US-3565733-A: Thin flexible lenticular screen unit patent, US-3582458-A: Polyimide compositions and metallic articles coated therewith patent, US-3606725-A: Method of and apparatus for compressing a volume of material to be packaged patent, US-361010-A: Atomizer and insect-destroyer patent, US-3618857-A: Spray nozzle patent, US-3623367-A: Apparatus for measuring the average temperature of a gas stream patent, US-3630856-A: Electrodeposition of ruthenium patent, US-3636063-A: 6-methyl-1 3 10 11-tetrahydroxynaphthaoene-2-carboxamide-5 12-quin patent, US-3649528-A: Denitrogenation by distillation in presence of alkali metals patent, US-3663596-A: Aliphatic esters of 3,5-di-alkyl salicylic acids useful as uv stabilizers for thermoplastics patent, US-3671362-A: Wall covering applicator patent, US-3684512-A: Photographic monobaths patent, US-3687723-A: Low density dielectric coating for electrode in electron tube patent, US-3692195-A: Cooling apparatus for bakery products patent, US-369872-A: Compound metal-working machine patent, US-3748359-A: Alkyladamantane diamine patent, US-3749687-A: Fill-in compositions containing an organic resinous film-forming material,an organic solvent,and a waxy material patent, US-375403-A: House patent, US-3755423-A: Process for preparing an unsaturated glycol diester patent, US-3756898-A: Resistant system suitable for controlling etching without the aid of an etchant patent, US-3772248-A: Polyether/polyarylsulfones patent, US-3777015-A: Device for suppressing fertility patent, US-3781021-A: Flame resistant seals patent, US-3781425-A: Control of insects,nematodes and acarinae with phosphonyl-carbamyloxy-phosphonates patent, US-3795521-A: Viscosity controlled pectinolytic enzyme addition to fruit and vegetable juice patent, US-3806330-A: Apparatus for treatment of glass sheets patent, US-3812101-A: Novel process for preparing i-substituted benzodiazepine derivatives patent, US-3828915-A: Material handling apparatus patent, US-383130-A: Vehicle-wheel patent, US-383183-A: Tongue-support patent, US-3836635-A: Process for producing aluminum fluoride patent, US-411063-A: Chusetts patent, US-418909-A: cornell patent, US-4421574-C1: Method for suppressing internal oxidation in steel with antimony addition patent, US-442467-A: Frank k patent, US-451872-A: Frank m patent, US-454623-A: Henry baumgarten patent, US-457417-A: Process of making anti-friction compositions patent, US-459332-A: Water meteb patent, US-479118-A: Dynamo-electric machine patent, US-497710-A: Clasp patent, US-503661-A: Guido gnuchtel patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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